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Warrant issued for former PQ leader Boisclair to face assault charges

Once upon time — a little over 30 years ago — it seemed pretty clear that André Boisclair had nothing but upside. He was a rising superstar — a red-hot meteor streaking across Quebec’s political sky. He was 23 then, »

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The Liberal Wet’suwet’en deal creates more dissent in the community

Earlier this year a dispute over indigenous land rights and a gas pipeline caused dozens of road and rail blockades that caused substantial economic loss in Canada and made international headlines. Although the gas pipeline company has signed agreements with »

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COVID-19 in the Arctic: all Greenland cases recovered but more in Arctic Russia

With the number of COVID-19 cases outside of China increasing rapidly, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak a global pandemic on March 12, urging governments “to take urgent and aggressive action” to stop its spread. Eye on the Arctic »

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The LINK Online, Mar. 13,14,15, 2020

Your hosts, Vincenzo, Terry, Marc. (video of show at bottom) Air pollution- a silent pandemic With the world pre-occupied by COVID-19, the deadly virus spreading around the world to become a declared pandemic, scientists say there’s a silent pandemic that’s »

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Survey: Almost a quarter of Canadians are uncomfortable talking about money

Survey results released this morning from FP Canada have revealed that almost one in four Canadians said that talking about money made them uncomfortable.   FP Canada’s Discomfort Index, a Leger poll, surveyed 1,526 Canadians and asked them to rank their »

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Are increasing theatrics turning politics into a reality show?

Does it seem like our politicians are more than ever dressing for a theatrical effect, or have you seen them using props, or employing theatrical gestures and language? In Toronto, Laura Levin (PhD), associate professor in the Theatre Department of »

L-R: Terry Haig, Levon Sevunts, Marc Montgomery

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The LINK Online, Nov 22, 23,24, 2019

Your hosts, Terry, Levon, Marc   (video of show at bottom) Trudeau taps former top diplomat to deal with discontent in Western Canada In the October general election in Canada, the Liberals under Justin Trudeau were re-elected, but this time in »


Canada’s federal election leaves the country divided

The results are in and the Liberal party under Justin Trudeau has been re-elected, albeit leading a minority government this time. The results also show a country very divided with a the nationalist Bloc Quebecois party resurrected in the mostly »

Terry Haig, Lynn Desjardins, Marc Montgomery

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The LINK Online, Oct 18.19.20, 2019

Your hosts Lynn, Terry, Marc  (video of show at bottom) Canada’s election and political opinion polls: Can they influence voters? In any major election, there are almost always dozens of opinion polls taken, and often on a daily basis. They »

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American interference in Canada’s election?

Huge Twitter storm after Obama tweet With the huge scandal in American politics about potential foreign influence in their presidential election comes a whiff of interference in Canada’s federal election, and from an unusual source, Earlier this year it was »