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US and Canadian festivals team up for a month of virtual world music shows

When festivals wish to bring in international artists, their task is facilitated and the tour costs are reduced if they can book the same artists, especially if the dates and locations of the shows are close enough. This collaborative practise, »

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Montrealers gather to sing

With bars, restaurants and theatres closed, people in Montreal took it upon themselves Sunday night to gather and sing–celebrating themselves and–among others– cultural icon Lenard Cohen. Coming out on their individual balconies, porches and rooftops, they began with “So Long, »

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POP Montreal, music festival’s 13th edition

POP Montreal is the international music festival that kicked off last night with, among other happenings, a show by local favourite, Coeur de Pirate, aka Beatrice Martin. As described on the website, the” annual not-for-profit curated cultural event champions independence in »