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Critics want debate with Bannon cancelled

Community groups and some politicians called for the cancellation of a debate in which Steve Bannon will defend populism. They believe the former Trump strategist should not have a platform to express his extreme views and that they contribute to »

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Human Rights Watch urges fight against growing threats

“What we’re most concerned about are abusive populist leaders who are trying to gain power and extend their power by demonizing and scapegoating minorities and ignoring human rights,” says Emma Daly, communications directors at Human Rights Watch. In its just-released »


Canadian media must wake up to populist anger, warns journalist

Michael Valpy says Canadian media are making the same mistake as did those in the U.S. and Britain, and they are not reporting on people who are deeply angry about widening class divisions. The result was that people were surprised »

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Canada is not immune to the rise of populism, suggest poll

Those Canadians who watch U.S. President Donald Trump with horror should not take any comfort in assuming Canadians would not elect a similar leader. A yearly public opinion survey suggests Canadian attitudes have changed in the last year and are »