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Exclusive themed dinner protested in Toronto

It’s called “Dinner with a view”, but anti-poverty groups called their protest, “dinner with a view-of the rich”. The “pop up” dinner, independently organised and not connected with the City of Toronto featured a number of small clear domes which» 

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Food bank need in Canada: unacceptably high

Food Banks Canada is a charitable umbrella organisation for food banks. It annually releases a survey of food bank use in Canada. Food banks are non-profit voluntary operations where individual people and marketers (stores, manufacturers, growers, bakeries etc) can donate» 


Most Canadians say governments are doing too little to fight poverty: poll

Most Canadian believe Ottawa and the provincial governments aren’t doing enough to deal with increasing poverty in their communities, but there is little agreement on what the government should do to reverse this trend, according to a new poll by» 

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Poverty in Canada: Even middle-class feeling squeezed

New study finds more Canadians feeling stressed about finances (public commenting open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom to submit comments) A new survey of Canadians finds that even those with so-called middle-class jobs and theoretically good incomes, are» 

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Poverty affects one in five children in Canada, says UN charity

Canada may be a wealthy country, but 20 per cent of its children and youth live in poverty, says UNICEF Canada, and it is asking Canadians to help. ‘Shocking for a country as wealthy’ “It’s something which is shocking for» 

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Living in a vehicle, by choice or obligation

Not quite homeless, but close Although still generally quite small, there is a slowly growing number of Canadians living in vehicles. In some cases people are being forced out of homes and apartments by high rents, whereas in others they» 

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A children’s charter planned to stem poverty, abuse, suicide

‘An urgent need for action’ More than 30 young people from all over Canada will gather in the nation’s capital, Ottawa, next week to draft a Canadian children’s charter. “The idea of a children’s charter really came about because many» 

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Oxfam Canada calls for more action on women’s rights

While Oxfam Canada lauds the Canadian government for “noble intentions” and “some important steps in the right direction,” it says that has not yet translated into meaningful policy and spending decisions. It has issued what it calls a “Feminist Scorecard”» 

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Toronto named the child poverty capital of Canada

Toronto is planning cuts to low-income services at the same time as a new report says it has the highest number of children living in poverty of any large Canadian city. Based on tax information, 27 per cent of Toronto» 

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Women are shortchanged, Canada must act, says Oxfam

Women in Canada and around the world are paid less, have more low-paying jobs and redressing that is fundamental to the global fight against poverty, says Oxfam Canada. A new report states that the global inequality crisis has reached new»