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Canada’s government promises more to end poverty

Canada is considered a wealthy country but many people live in poverty and the Canadian government has vowed to do more to help them. The federal government has a Poverty Reduction Strategy and it has taken some concrete steps to »

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Vancouver pilot project to increase access to transit for low income earners

A pilot project to increase access to transit for low-income residents in the city of Vancouver was approved by the city council on Tuesday. The approved pilot project is a reduced fare transit program that is looking to design, test, »

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Survey shows Canadian interest in a universal basic income

The idea is that everyone should get enough money to live on, job or not, to a level at least up to the poverty line in Canada through a monthly benefit. A new national poll by the non-profit  Angus Reid »

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Trudeau will co-host virtual meeting Thursday on global economic crisis

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his Jamaican counterpart, Andrew Holness, and UN Secretary-General António Guterres will co-host what is being called a high-level virtual meeting Thursday on the global economic crisis. The purpose, officials say, is to advance concrete solutions to »

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Over 3 million Canadians lived below poverty line in 2018

Statistics Canada said that about 3.2 million Canadians, or 8.7 per cent of the population lived below Canada’s poverty line in 2018, according to data they released today.  The number has decreased from where it was in 2017 which was »

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Food banks: Ontario’s working class joining the line

Steady increase in people needing food banks, including those with jobs A new report says even more residents in Canada’s most populous province have been resorting to food banks for their basic needs The annual report is published by the »

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Exclusive themed dinner protested in Toronto

It’s called “Dinner with a view”, but anti-poverty groups called their protest, “dinner with a view-of the rich”. The “pop up” dinner, independently organised and not connected with the City of Toronto featured a number of small clear domes which »

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Food bank need in Canada: unacceptably high

Food Banks Canada is a charitable umbrella organisation for food banks. It annually releases a survey of food bank use in Canada. Food banks are non-profit voluntary operations where individual people and marketers (stores, manufacturers, growers, bakeries etc) can donate »


Most Canadians say governments are doing too little to fight poverty: poll

Most Canadian believe Ottawa and the provincial governments aren’t doing enough to deal with increasing poverty in their communities, but there is little agreement on what the government should do to reverse this trend, according to a new poll by »

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Poverty in Canada: Even middle-class feeling squeezed

New study finds more Canadians feeling stressed about finances (public commenting open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom to submit comments) A new survey of Canadians finds that even those with so-called middle-class jobs and theoretically good incomes, are »