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Encouraging girls to pursue science

Prelude to International Women’s Day the provincially controlled electrical power agency Ontario Power Generation (OPG) hosted its first ever conference for young girls this week as a precursor to International Women’s Day today. The event was held over two days »

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Canada to end coal-fired power plants, but will Canada be greener?

This week the federal government announced that it intended to phase out the use of coal in Canadian power plants by 2030. But how green is this, especially in light of other possible government policies which may increase greenhouse gasses? »

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Biomass power generation: is it really “green”?

A new study puts into question the idea that burning trees (biomass) to generate electricity, is “carbon neutral”. It particularly looks at the process to feed the two biomass generators in the east-coast province of Nova Scotia. The 42-page study »

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Sell-off of public utility challenged

Opposition to sale mounting. The government of Canada’s most populous province recently announced a plan to sell off a majority share of the province’s public electrical supplier, Hydro One. The provincial Liberal government under Premier Kathleen Wynn announced in April »