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Canada invests in power line to deliver hydroelectric power to Saskatchewan

The Canadian federal government announced yesterday that it is investing $18.7 million to the construction of a transmission line that will connect Saskatchewan to Manitoba’s supply of cleaner hydroelectricity, according to a press release from the Manitoba government.  Manitoba Hydro, »


Small nuclear reactors: green power, or not?

After the initial enthusiasm of nuclear power starting in the 1950’s, that enthusiasm began to wane a few decades later, especially after the Hollywood film, The China Syndrome, and the almost simultaneous 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear disaster. Now a »


Manitobans face week-long delay to get power back after snowstorm

Manitobans dealing with the aftermath of an unprecedented snowstorm that knocked down power to the most densely populated southern half of the province last week will have to wait up to 10 days until power is fully restored, the provincial »

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Study outlines plan to develop clean hydrogen supply network in B.C.

For many, hydrogen cars are the future. But how far are we from seeing them on Canadian roads? This is a question that researchers at the University of British Columbia have begun to answer by developing a hydrogen supply chain »

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Drunk driving law: Charter of Rights challenge (interview)

Case may eventually make it to the Supreme Court of Canada (public commenting is open on all RCI stories at bottom- comments will be shown after examination) The case begins with an elderly woman who went to a liquor store »


How the press and politics have evolved in Canada (and likely elsewhere) (part 1 of 2)

Book: Power, Prime Ministers and the Press: The Battle for Truth on Parliament Hill In the beginning was politics, shortly after came the press. In the early days in Canada, and undoubtedly elsewhere, newspapers –print journalism- was very biased. Papers »

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Canada History: Jan 24, 1978 Soviet radiation across the Arctic

On September 18, 1977, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (CCCP) launched a reconnaissance satellite dubbed Cosmos-954. In Russian it was a “Controlled Active Satellite” while the Americans knew it as a “RORSAT”- radar ocean reconnaissance satellite.  Its purpose was »

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‘We should be deeply concerned’ about Trump, says prof

While campaigning for the U.S. presidency, Donald Trump made several alarming statements and that begs the question of just how much power he will have to carry out his promises. Canada is particularly concerned about his vow to scrap the »