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Face covering rules are expanded on planes, trains and ships

Travelling in Canada is going to look very different — as of noon today. In an effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, Transport Minister Marc Garneau has announced new requirements on the use of face coverings on planes, trains »

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Canada prepares for mass COVID-19 vaccinations

Canada orders millions of syringes There is an international rush, competition almost, as hundreds of labs around the world seek to develop a vaccine against the SARS-CoV2 virus. The World Health organisation says some 133 potential vaccines are in development »


Toronto Police keep watch at Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto Police keep watch at Trinity Bellwoods Park as the province prepares for more phased re-openings from the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 24, 2020.
REUTERS/Carlos Osorio. Read the article »

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COVID-19: Personal care, social carelessness: medical litter

It’s the ‘nouveau litter’ of the pandemic. More Canadians are wearing medical type latex gloves and face masks as a way of hopefully protecting themselves from the SarsCoV-2 virus. But it seems while caring about themselves personally, there’s a limit »