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Bison return to prairie cultural park

Just days after a story about a small herd of plains bison being given to a First Nations reserve in Saskatchewan comes another similar story. The bison ( or buffalo as they are often called) once roamed the prairies in »

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Drought: deep concern for western Canada ranchers, farmers

Cattle, ranching, and the cowboy lifestyle are a large part of the traditions in Canada’s western prairie province of Alberta. The province is the world’s sixth largest exporter of beef. But a long and withering drought is causing great concern »

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Wild boars in western Canada: “ecological trainwreck”

It was another case of a theoretically good idea, which has turned out to be highly problematic in reality. Wild boars were imported to the western province of Saskatchewan in the late 1980’s to early 90’s as part of an »

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Grasslands are among most endangered ecosystems

Canada had massive grasslands stretching for thousands of kilometres but over 70 per cent of that land has been converted, much of it for agricultural use. The grasslands span rolling hills and include river valleys and wetlands. They are very »

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Climate change: Canada’s prairies- a dust bowl within decades?

While many are saying climate change will result in more massive forest fires like the one in Fort McMurray Alberta, the other changes could be even more dramatic. Right now Canada’s prairies are vastly important food production area for the »

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The Chinese immigrant experience in early Canada: Alison Marshall

Chinese immigrants began to trickle in to Canada in the early 19th century, then in greater numbers in the latter part as labourers were needed for Canada’s great project of a national railway. But even as the brand new country »

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Flooding emergencies across the prairies

In Canada’s western prairie provinces, flooding from torrential rains over the weeked have resulted in dozens of states of emergency being declared. High winds in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, area toppled trees or branches on the weekend causing widespread damage. Manitoba »