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Canadians divided on housing prices

The average price of a home in Canada has jumped by 25 per cent between February 2020 and February 2021. Calling it a “housing market on steroids,” the Angus Reid Institute found that 40 per cent of people surveyed are »

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COVID-19: Company charged for price gouging during pandemic

Unfortunately, it is perhaps not to be unexpected that people and companies would try to take advantage of others concerns and profit from it. While there have been cases of individuals bulk buying scarce products to create temporary shortages and »

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Canada housing: now condo prices are going up

The cost of housing has been listed in a recent national survey as a top concern for Canadians, and a major issue in the upcoming general election. The huge increase in house prices across the country has pushed a great »

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Canada housing prices – up, down, or way up?

The issue of housing prices in Canada has been a hot topic for years, and almost always because the prices are rising astronomically. This is especially so in Canada’s major cities, and even more so in the three biggest, Vancouver, »

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Already high internet prices going up in Canada

Canadians pay some of the highest prices in the industrialized world for home internet and mobile phone data plans, and those prices are going up again soon. “Canadians…pay about two to three times as the market leaders in OECD for »

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Record fuel prices, but Canadians still buying

Gasoline prices across Canada are reaching record prices, but surprisingly this has not greatly affected sales. Across the country prices range from a low of around $1.30 per litre to highs of around $1.60 and higher, which are record prices »

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Penny ends, rounding begins, profits made

It turns out, it’s what many people suspected all along. When the federal government phased out the use of the one-cent coin in 2013, many people thought it would benefit business to the detriment of consumers, as business would “round-up” »


Food prices, trends to change in Canada: report

The price of food is expected to increase two to three per cent for Canadians in 2018 and food trends will likely change to meet the growing demand for convenience, according to the Food Price Report. This report was prepared »


Family cell phone plans cost a fortune. Why am I surprised?

Scrolling through a CBC story on the cost of cell phone plans in Canada, I was shocked to look at what families pay every month. I can’t tell you why this was not already obvious to me. The market is »

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Housing prices could plummet if interest rates go up

While it says it’s not likely to happen, Canada’s federal housing agency says a hike in interest rates could cause the average price of a house to drop 30 per cent. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) ran stress »