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Trudeau urges caution as COVID-19 ‘hotspots’ linger in Toronto and Montreal

Despite some notable progress, COVID-19 remains a serious threat in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday as federal health officials released new pandemic modelling. Speaking during his regular pandemic briefing in Ottawa, Trudeau said that “after a very challenging »

Economy, Health

COVID-19 Canadian consumer confidence, economic forecast plummet

But, light at the end of the tunnel for 2021 The Conference Board of Canada, a non-profit economic think tank, has released its spring outlook of preliminary economic forecast for provinces. It’s not good. The report says the country is »

Health, Society

Trudeau faces growing calls to release projections on COVID-19 spread in Canada

As the global and Canadian tallies of COVD-19 infections reached the symbolic mark of 1 million and 10,000 cases respectively on Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faced a growing chorus of questions about why Ottawa isn’t releasing expert projections on »

Environment & Animal Life

Canada’s fossil fuel consumption projected to peak

Canadians’ use of fossil fuels is likely to peak around 2019, projects the independent regulatory agency, National Energy Board (NEB). It has updated its long-term energy outlook and for the first time suggests fossil fuel use will peak and then »


A look at Canadians’ spending this holiday season

November 21 to January 1 is a period when many Canadians spend money whether it be on Christmas presents, travel in late December when most people get time off work, or the big sales that come after Christmas Day. This »