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Controversial decision: Quebec feminist group and prostitution.

The right to choose to work in the sex trade The Federation des Femmes du Quebec (FFQ) is a well-recognised women’s rights organisation in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec. This weekend the group took a controversial stance saying that» 


Girls in care may be lured into sex trade

Ordinary Canadians may be horrified to hear reports that adolescent girls who are placed in group homes may be targeted by street gangs and lured into prostitution. Teenagers may be placed in government-funded care if they cannot live at home» 

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Province’s premier questions whether new federal law really protects sex workers

The premier of Canada’s most populous province of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, has voiced her concern about whether new federal legislation will make sex workers in Canada safer. In a statement released Sunday (December 7) Premier Wynne said: “I am not» 

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Proposed prostitution law will have ‘devastating’ impact on safety of sex workers says critic

As soon as Canada’s Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced a new proposed prostitution law, it was immediately criticized as a disaster by critics who say the government will put sex workers into more dangerous situations than ever. On Wednesday (June» 

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Government launches on-line consultation after Supreme Court decision on prostitution

Concerned by the “significant harms that flow from prostitution” the Canadian government has launched a month-long on-line consultation with Canadians after a Supreme Court of Canada ruling in December struck down three provisions of Canada’s Criminal Code. The court ruled the keeping» 

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Supreme Court strikes down certain limits on prostitution in Canada, but…

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court of Canada has struck down three provisions of Canada’s Criminal Code, the keeping or being found in a bawdy house or brothel, the living on the avails of prostitution, and communicating in public» 

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Supreme Court to rule on Canada’s prostitution laws.

After years of legal wrangling in a case that made it’s way to the Supreme Court, a decision tomorrow may result in a change in prostitution laws. The issue first arrived in the courts in 2009 when Toronto dominatrix Terri-Jean» 

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Supreme Court of Canada hearing arguments on constitutionality of prostitution law

The Supreme Court of Canada heard arguments on the constitutionality of Canada’s prostitution law on Thursday (June 13), as demonstrators from both sides of the issue aired their views on its outdoor steps. In court, federal lawyer Michael Morris argued»