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‘Lynx without borders’ project aims to protect wildlife

Six conservation organizations and 40 partners from both Canada and the U.S. are meeting to try to maintain corridors between protected land in the province of Quebec. The conservation of the corridors is seen as essential for the movement of »

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Island amid world’s highest tides to become wildlife reserve

The Canadian government has announced that a three-kilometre-long island in the Bay of Fundy will be protected as a National Wildlife Area. Isle Haute got the name, which is French for high island, because of its steep cliffs. It is »

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Wetland acquisition will help protect threatened species

The Nature Conservancy of Canada has expanded an important conservation area in the heart of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Canada. The conservation group has purchased 25 hectares of wetland to add to its 330 hectares already protected on »

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Historic land, home to 170 species protected

A corridor of “exceptional’ lands” between the Canadian cities of Montreal and Ottawa has been acquired and will be protected by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). The area is 3 km wide and 20 km long and is home »

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Unique ecosystems protected in St. Lawrence River

A non-profit conservation group has acquired three new pieces of land in the St. Lawrence River enabling it to protect some unique ecosystems that are home to vulnerable species of plants and animals. They add to areas already protected by »

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Canada protects breeding ground for endangered bird

Although the Roseate Tern is found in areas of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, it breeds almost exclusively in Canada’s eastern province of Nova Scotia. The Canadian government has moved to protect those breeding grounds on four islands. Gulls, erosion »

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Canada moving fast to protect marine areas

Canada has a new government and it plans to follow through on its election promise to protect five per cent of it marine territory by 2017 and another five per cent in the following three years. “We were in a »