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Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said he will respect Quebec’s secularism law

Conservative leader Erin O’Toole says he is going to respect the legislatures of all the provinces, including the laws in Québec protecting secularism and the French language, after meeting with Québec Premier Fraçois Legault on Monday.  I had a frank, »


British Columbia approves municipal bans on single use plastics

The British Columbia government is moving towards banning single-use plastics in a number of municipalities within the province in order to prevent plastic waste from polluting communities, shorelines and landfills. According to a news release from B.C. on Saturday, the »


Quebec and Ontario Premiers meet in summit to discuss health care and economy

Québec Premier François Legualt and Ontario Premier Doug Ford met in Mississauga, Ontario this week for the first ever Ontario-Québec summit to discuss economic recovery plans and ways to increase health care funding amid the COVID-19 pandemic.  At the end »

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Ontario government considering cannabis cafes

A cannabis cafe might be headed to a neighborhood near you if you’re living in Ontario. The provincial government of Ontario is considering the idea of having cannabis cafes or establishments to be able to create new cannabis business opportunities. »

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Beer: Constitutional battle reaches Canada’s Supreme Court

“Free the Beer” legal case While Canada’s Prime Minister eagerly promotes international free trade deals abroad, that’s not the case within Canada itself. One of the barriers between provincial trade involves beer. Each province controls its own sales of alcohol, »


Beer case could break trade barriers between provinces

The province of New Brunswick will ask the Supreme Court to rule on a case that involves the legality of buying beer in another province. At the same time as Canada vigorously negotiates free trade agreements with other countries, provinces »

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National government to pressure provinces on GHG

Canada’s environment minister is poised to impose a price on carbon on any provincial government that fails to do so or fails to set up its own cap-and-trade system. But she will not adopt a more aggressive target for reducing »

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Debt: Canadians warned, but who warns the government?

The personal debt load of Canadians rose to close to 164 percent by late last year according to Statistics Canada, the federal statistics agency. That means that for every dollar of disposable income (after taxes and necessities) they owed $1.64. »

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Barriers between provinces tested by beer buyer

A Canadian man has gone to court to argue he has a constitutional right to buy beer in another province and bring it home. The case highlights the extensive barriers between Canadian provinces that sometimes make it easier to trade »