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Jean Charest opts out of Tory leadership race

Jean Charest, who was thought by many to have a legitimate shot at replacing Andrew Scheer as the leader of the official opposition Conservative Party, has announced that he will not join the leadership race. That leaves just two candidates »


Jean Charest says thanks but no thanks to Tory run

Scratch Jean Charest from the Conservative Party’s upcoming leadership race. The former Progressive Conservative leader and long-time Liberal Party premier of Quebec says he’s not interested. Jean Charest says he’s perfectly happy to make his living as a lawyer at »

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Province of Quebec: New premier, new cabinet, new tone

Canada’s second most populous province, the predominantly French-speaking province of Quebec, now has a new premier and a new government. Sworn in on Wednesday afternoon (April 23) , Liberal Premier Phillippe Couillard talked of inclusion of all Quebecers and transparency »