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Halfway there. The annual epic Yukon Quest dogsled race!

One of the world’s great Arctic events and races is now at the halfway point in -27 Celsius weather. Mushers in the Yukon Quest annual dogsled race reached the halfway point yesterday afternoon and evening in the epic 1600 km »

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Paddlers from 14 countries join northern river race

About 240 paddlers have gathered for the 18th annual Yukon River Quest which runs 715 km from Whitehorse to Dawson in the northern territory of Yukon. It is said to be the longest race in the world involving canoes, kayaks »

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The circus comes to town. F-1

There are suddenly a lot more exotic cars on the streets in Montreal, and a number of wealthy-looking people downtown. The restaurants and bars are a bit more crowded, and one can image sales of champagne have skyrocketed. It’s all »

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Yukon Quest 2016: Another race for the history books

One of the toughest endurance races for man and beast has come to an end in Canada’s north. The 1,600 km (give or take) Yukon Quest International dog sled race has wound up with winner Hugh Neff, of Alaska, crossing »

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Yukon Quest: On you huskies!!!

It’s a gruelling race for man and beast across the frozen Arctic.  The annual Yukon Quest dogsled race is now into day 3 of the 1600 kilometre race from Fairbanks Alaska, to Whitehorse, Yukon. It is truly an international event »

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Elite Arctic yacht race planned

“…because of climate change, we can”.  Not for the faint of heart, and definitely not for the light of wallet, an elite and extreme yacht race is being planned for 2017. Tracing the path of the proposed extreme sailing race »

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Roaring good time in Toronto this weekend

Vast crowds of racing fans from across North America are already gathering in Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, for  one of the most exciting car races on the continent.  It’s the Toronto Indy-car race James Hinchliffe of Oakville, near Toronto, is »