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Economy, Health

Trudeau unveils multi-billion COVID-19 emergency package

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau today announced an $82-billion emergency aid package to help with the fight in the COVID-19 crisis. The federal response, which includes income support, wage subsidies and tax deferrals, represents more than three per cent of Canada’s »

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Canada issues tight restrictions on its borders

Canada is closing its borders to people who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or Americans as part of the battle against the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Exceptions will be made for diplomats and people with family in Canada. »

Politics, Society

Canada set to become fourth country to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’

Making good on a promise they made during last fall’s election, the governing Liberals have introduced legislation that would ban the so-called science known as conversion therapy, that seeks to change someone’s sexuality or gender identiy. It is typically administered »

Health, Society

Liberals introduce legislation to expand assisted dying access

Canada’s federal government has introduced legislation aimed at making it easier for Canadians seeking medical help to end their lives. The bill amends a four-year-old law introduced by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government that followed a landmark 2015 Supreme Court ruling »