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Albertans head to the polls after divisive election campaign

Voters in Alberta are going to the polls today to decide who will govern the oil-rich Western Canadian province that has fallen on hard times recently following a global oil price slump compounded by a shortage of pipeline capacity to» 


Albertans set to vote in crucial provincial elections

Residents of Alberta have begun casting their votes in advance polls as the Western Canadian province gets ready for what most Albertans consider as the most crucial election in recent years on April 16, according to a new poll. The» 

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Kenney wants to lower wages for young Alberta workers

There’s an election coming in Alberta and Opposition Leader Jason Kenney is taking something of an unorthodox tack to try to attract votes. Kenney says that if elected, he is prepared to roll back the province’s $15-an-hour minimum wage to» 

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Alberta makes a move to get its oil to market

Keeping a pledge she made in November, Alberta Premier Rachel Notley has announced the province has signed contracts to lease 4,400 rail cars to carry oilsands crude to American and international markets. The province says it needs the cars–leased from Canadian» 

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Canadian Mint to issue coins celebrating D-Day and gay rights

The Royal Canadian Mint will issue commemorate coins in 2019 to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of Normandy in 1944 and the 50th anniversary of Parliament’s decriminalizing homosexual acts in 1969. The D-Day landing marked the start» 

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Alberta orders 8.7% oil production cut

Premier Rachel Notley is ordering Alberta’s oil industry to cut production by 8.7 per cent, saying the measure is needed to end “the economic and fiscal insanity” of selling Albertan crude at steep discounts compared with the North American benchmark.» 


Brian Jean is stepping away from politics

Brian Jean, once viewed as a rising star in Alberta politics, is resigning from the provincial legislature. Jean’s political future has been murky since he lost to Jason Kenney in October in the race to lead the United Conservative Party» 

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Showdown over marijuana brewing between Ottawa and provinces

Canada’s premiers and territorial leaders have wrapped up their Council of the Federation meeting in Edmonton where they discussed NAFTA renegotiations, a boycott of the meeting by some Indigenous groups and what has become a contentious issue: the federal government’s» 

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Female politicians dealing with sexist abuse (and worse) on social media

Canadians like to think of themselves as calm, rational and polite people. Some, it appears, are anything but. The disgruntled are taking to social media to vent their frustrations–sometimes in obscene fashion–with Twitter and Facebook being the communication of choice» 

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Notley steps into Fort Mac wage dispute

Remember those 300 South African firefighters who arrived last month singing and dancing to help battle the devastating wildfire in the northern Alberta city of Fort McMurray. Turns out, things didn’t go so well. Most of them walked off the»