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Online course tackles racial profiling of consumers

The Human Rights Commission in the eastern province of Nova Scotia has launched a free online course to help prevent and deal with racial profiling of customers. The commission says consumer racial profiling “is a serious issue in Nova Scotia.” »

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History Nov. 8, 1946 Canada’s unexpected civil rights heroine

The Canadian who preceeded Rosa Parks by almost a decade. She was Canadian, young, beautiful, a successful Halifax-based businesswoman, and black. It was because of Viola Desmond’s colour that she unexpectedly became a heroine that changed history in Canada. Thanks »

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‘Whitened’ résumés get more job interviews: study

Job applicants sometimes change their résumés to hide their racial identities to improve their chances of getting a job interview, according to a recent study. Of the people studied, one-third said they had used a different name or left out »