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McGill University pressured to change sports team name

For almost 100 years some of the sports teams of Montreal’s McGill University have been had the nickname the “Redmen”. For the past few years that name has been labelled by some as being disrespectful to indigenous students. The Student »

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Racist allegations involving iconic Canadian folk song

Music teacher sues school principal and VP. A school in Toronto is embroiled in a controversy over a song performed during a school concert in May of 2016. The music teacher who organised the concert is now suing the principal »

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Small right-wing rally, small city, big issue

In this hypersensitive world of “left” and “right” politics in which the word “extremist” is easily tossed into the mix, a small rally set for this Saturday is causing big waves. A group calling itself the Canadian Nationalist Front, often accused »

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Policy of exclusion by Aboriginal group heading to human rights tribunal

A complaint against a First Nations reserve near Montreal is now being referred the the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The Kahnawake Mohawk reserve established a policy in 1981 which dictated that any Mohawk who married a non-indigenous person, as well »

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Canadian court OK’s use of “Indian” by baseball team

Cleveland Indians can use name and ‘Chief Wahoo’ logo during ALCS games in Toronto, judge rules The Toronto Blue Jays, and Cleveland Indians are currently battling it out for the title of American League East Baseball champions. World renowned Canadian architect, »

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Controversial French humourist, denied entry to Canada

For years French humourist Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, of France, has been at the centre of controversy over his routines and the issue of free speech. Scheduled for performances in Montreal, he arrived at the airport, but was sent back to »

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Anti-racist leader under fire for racist tweet

The anti-racist movement Black Lives Matter, began in the US on the heels of several shootings of black people by police. The movement has spread to Canada. Recently members of the group had been camped in front of Toronto Police »

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Judge overrules last will-“contrary to public policy”

When is a last will and testament not valid? A judge in the Superior Court of Ontario has ruled that a trustee is not required to carry out the last wishes when it runs contrary to public policy. In this »

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Military shuts down racist remark about minister

The Canadian Armed Forces acted quickly to shut down a soldier’s racist comment on Facebook about the new minister of defence and to warn such conduct will not be tolerated. A source told the Globe and Mail the soldier made »