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Prominent Canadians call for a halt to changes at Radio Canada International

A former prime minister of Canada, a former ambassador to the UN and several other prominent Canadians have written an open letter calling for a stop to the changes at Radio Canada International set for April 1, 2021. The signatories »

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Canada’s public broadcaster announces new cuts to Radio Canada International

Officials at CBC/Radio-Canada announced a fresh round of cuts at Radio Canada International (RCI) on Thursday as part of a “major transformation” of the beleaguered international service of Canada’s public broadcaster. A joint statement released by Radio-Canada executive vice-president Michel »

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Public broadcaster music library closing, CDs to be digitised, destroyed

Canada’s public broadcaster CBC (English) and Radio-Canada (French) is going through massive changes. Update As mentioned in its news release of December 12, 2017, Radio-Canada is taking the necessary steps to ensure the long-term preservation of its collections of vinyl »

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Many want immigrants tested for Canadian values

Another public opinion survey has been conducted to test Canadian attitudes towards immigrants and it found almost three-quarters of respondents think they should be tested on “Canadian values.” This is a controversial idea held by Kellie Leitch, a candidate for the »

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March to save Canada’s national public broadcaster

After seven days of walking, a group of supporters of Canada’s public broadcaster, has reached its goal on Parliament Hill in the national capital, Ottawa. The group calling itself “Tous Amis de Radio-Canada” is protesting the severe budgte cutbacks to »

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Liberals promise to restore CBC and arts funding

The Liberal Party is promising $380 million in funding for the arts if it is elected to form Canada’s next government on October 19th. Leader Justin Trudeau also says he would reverse the $115-million-dollar annual cut in funding that the »

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Protesters want moratorium on cuts at national public broadcaster CBC/Radio-Canada

A noisy demonstration Wednesday (April 15) by employees, unionists, and some politicians in front of the French headquarters of CBC/Radio-Canada called for a moratorium on cuts at the national radio and television public broadcaster. The $130 million dollars and 657 job »