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Crisis facing broadcasting in Canada; study

Canada was a major pioneer in broadcasting, not the least of which was the invention of radio by Canadian Reginald Fessenden, and critical advances by other Canadians like Ted Rogers and many others including Canadian George Retzlaff who invented instant »

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Celebrating  a centennial of radio May 20, 1920: Canada Post stamp

It was a marvelous and thrilling event in its time. Distinguished members of Canada’s Royal Society gathered at the equally prestigious Chateau Laurier Hotel in the national capital Ottawa for a unique event, possibly the world’s first such event. None »

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Canada history: May 15, 1935: “I’ll take quiz shows for $1,000, Alex”

Quiz shows, testing people’s knowledge on a variety of subjects, have been popular for over eight decades, first on radio, and then on television. One of the most popular quiz shows of all time is the American show “Jeopardy”, with »

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It’s World Radio Day!

In 2011 UNESCO declared February 13th to be World Radio Day, which was adopted by the U.N General Assembly as an ‘international day’ the following year. This year the theme is diversity. Radio Canada International joined with four other broadcasters »

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Canada’s idea to help African small-scale farmers (interview)

Farm Radio International- 40th year. It was a small idea by a Canadian broadcaster who saw a need in sub-Saharan Africa and realised his skill could help. Begun by George Atkins, the idea was based on a Canadian radio concept »

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Canadians are concerned about “fake news”

A new survey shows a very high percentage of Canadian online users have some degree of concern about disinformation online, or so-called “fake news”. Media Technology Monitor, is a research product of Canada’s national public broadcaster, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Radio-Canada. MTM’s »

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 Radio Canada International: Spectres of Shortwave

It started out as an art project, but circumstances changed and it became an artistically inspired documentary look at the former shortwave service. It deals in part with the history of the shortwave transmission site, its massive antenna array, and »

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Canada History: Beginning of radio (maybe), Dec.12, 1901

First transatlantic wireless signal On a chilly windy December 12, in 1901 history was made, or perhaps “claimed” to have been made. Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi said he had received a number of scratchy clicks on his telegraphy receiving equipment »

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Public broadcasting threatened- Switzerland case

skype video interview at bottom of story Swiss referendum may decide to close public broadcasting When radio started in the early part of the last century, most countries established a national public broadcasting system; first radio, then television, and now »


Do you trust the news?

With all the talk about fake news the polling firm Ipsos-Reid asked 1001 Canadians earlier this month about their opinions of the news and media. Darrell Bricker is CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs. Darell Bricker, CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs © via »