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Quebec issues ‘imminent’ flood warning to several municipalities

Provincial and municipal authorities in Quebec are warning residents of several low-lying areas to brace for severe flooding as parts of Canada’s French-speaking province are about to experience the double whammy effect of rapid snowmelt and heavy rains. Environment Canada »


Nasty weather causes accidents, power failures

A mix of snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, rain and strong winds wreaked havoc on southern Ontario yesterday and moved on to southern Quebec overnights. Tens of thousands of people in both provinces suffered a loss of electricity as parts »


Wild weather changes for ever-ready Canadians

Ever wonder why Canadians talk so obsessively about the weather? Recent events may help you understand. For most of last week in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, temperatures were frigid around the -25 C mark with winds making it »

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Ontario farmers vs. the weather

Not enough rain last year, too much this year Scientists have been saying for years that an effect of climate change is that extremes in weather will get more extreme. Ontario farmers would agree.  Last year, the major concern was »

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Track athletes brave rain, a dive and false starts

There was surprise Monday when Bahamas sprinter Shaunae Miller fell or dove across the finish line to win the women’s 400-metre final at the Rio Olympics. The move is rare but not illegal. Dove or fell, hard to tell “If »

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Rains cause havoc in Saskatchewan

The weather continues to play rough across Canada this year. After massive forest fires in Alberta made world headlines  this year, now comes a massive rain storm that swept across the neighbouring province of Saskatchewan in the past few days. »


After the fire, Fort McMurray gets rain, flash floods

Five weeks after raging fires tore through Fort McMurray in western Canada, returning residents faced heavy rain and flash floods. Some 66mm of rain fell in the area yesterday causing rivers, creeks and culverts to overflow. Residents are warned to stay »