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People living in Canada who lost family on Flight 752 report being threatened

CBC News is reporting that people in Canada who lost family members when Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was mistakenly shot down in January are being intimidated and threatened by figures they fear are close to the Iranian regime. The »

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Kingston activists not happy with direction prison farms are headed

Maybe all that appears to glitter ain’t necessarily the gold it was touted to be. Case in point: a couple of weeks ago, I wrote a story about the reopening of two prison farms in Kingston, Ontario. Seemed pretty straight »

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Scheer politics: same sex marriage back in the news

Canada passed its same-sex marriage law in 2005, but all of a sudden–as we head to the Oct. 21 federal election–it’s back in the news and one can only wonder how it will play out with a recent poll suggesting »


Ottawa announces new funding to combat online child abuse

Ottawa has announced $22 million in funding to fight online child abuse. Noting that police-reported incidents of child pornography in Canada increased by 288 per cent between 2010 and 2017, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale made the announcement Tuesday. It »

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RCMP faces another hurdle trying to clean up its act

Black RCMP officers–both current and former–are coming forward with stories of racist treatment in Canada’s national police force, charges the force is calling “deeply troubling.” The complaints–expressed to Radio-Canada–come two months after Public Security Minister Ralph Goodale announced he was »


Pot possession pardon bill heading to the House

Canadians will likely find out Friday how the government plans to speed up and lower the costs of pardons for pot possession crimes that took place before Canada legalized marijuana on Oct. 17. A bill would fulfil a promise Public »

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Ottawa won’t heed U.S. call to return ISIS fighters

Canada will not answer a call by Washington that U.S. allies bring ISIS volunteers home to face prosecution. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says the proposition is too risky. Instead, Goodale says, Ottawa will continue to work with its allies »

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Goodale warns of growing right-wing hate

Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says hate groups, including white supremacists and neo-Nazis, are a growing threat in Canada. And, Goodale says, internet providers have an obligation to make sure they don’t provide a platform for spreading fear and hate. »

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Liberals introduce bill to change prison solitary confinement rules

The Canadian government has taken the first step to eliminating solitary confinement in federal prisons. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale introduced legislation Tuesday that would–among other things–overhaul how inmates are separated from the general prison population. Under the proposed plan, »

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Border agency to use technology to reduce immigration detention

Canada’s border agency will start using voice reporting and electronic tracking tools to keep tabs on some foreign nationals suspected of immigration violations as an alternative to detaining them, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced Tuesday. Under Canada’s immigration rules, the federal government »