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Canada’s central bank rate- steady as she goes

In the latest update, the Bank of Canada has held its overnight lending rate unchanged at 1.75 per cent. In doing so it said while the global economy shows signs of stabilisation along with some positive trade developments, “there remains »

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Canada: no hike in interest rate- for now

After a lengthy and almost unprecedented level of low interest rates, Canada’s central bank had begun a slow hike in rates. This comes as the economy begins to recover and inflation has risen to about 3%. However, the Central bank »

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Homicides in Canada increase

Canada’s statistics gathering agency StatsCan, has released homicide figures for 2015. The report says there  were 604 homicides in 2015, 83 more than the previous year. The homicide rate increased by 15% in 2015 to 1.68 per 100,000 population, the »

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Diabetes risk among Indigenous people ‘staggering’: study

A new study suggests eight out of every ten young, Indigenous people in Canada will develop Type 2 diabetes and half of young, non-Indigenous Canadians will develop the disease in their lifetimes. “The numbers we find are staggering and concerning,” »


Homicide rate in Canada is low, stable

The government agency Statistics Canada reports that Canada’s homicide rate in 2014 was unchanged from the year before and is at its lowest level since 1966. This echoes a trend of decreasing murders and crime in western countries. In spite »