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16 year effort: Canada gets first new Search and Rescue aircraft

After a long and arduous decision on a replacement Search and Rescue fixed wing aircraft, the first new CC-295 arrived this week in Comox, British Columbia. The new plane from Airbus was finally chosen after a long process begun in »


Canada History: Jun 13, 1944: The 13th mission; a posthumous V.C.

It is difficult, no, really impossible, for most of us to imagine climbing into a thin, noisy, cramped aluminium tube and flying hours in freezing air in total darkness to a place where others are doing their best to kill »

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Investigation into Cyclone crash focuses on aircraft systems and human factors

The investigation into the crash of a Canadian naval helicopter in the Mediterranean Sea that killed all six crew members on board is focusing on “aircraft systems and human factors,” the Canadian military announced Monday. The Royal Canadian Air Force »

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History Canada: April 1, 1924, The Royal Canadian Air Force is formed

When the First World War began in 1914 aviation was still in its earliest infancy. War has a way however of driving technological advances and soon aircraft became a major factor in the war. At first, Canadian aviators became members »

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Canadian fighter jets intercept Russian Su-27 off Romania’s coast

A pair of Canadian CF-18 Hornets had a close but polite encounter in October with a Russian Su-27 Flanker fighter jet in the international airspace off Romania’s Black Sea coast, according to the Canadian military. Canada has dispatched five CF-18 »


Canada postpones major international air force exercise

Canada’s air force is postponing a major international exercise next year to upgrade its facilities at the air combat range in the western province of Alberta, officials announced Wednesday. The annual air force training exercise Maple Flag is usually conducted »


History Canada: Oct. 5, 1944 – RCAF downs the first German jet

The D-Day invasion of Europe was months past but the fighting in and over Europe was increasingly bitter and deadly. In the skies, the Germans had introduced an astounding new weapon, the jet fighter, far faster than any Allied plane, »

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Canada’s air force: We need pilots, technicians

A recent internal report by the Department of Defence stated the Royal Canadian Air Force was in need of about 275 more pilots, along with a need for more navigators, onboard sensor operators, mechanics, and other specialists. This comes in »

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Canadian air force guards Queen

For the first time in its history, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is helping guard Queen Elizabeth in London, England. Over 120 members of the RCAF are part of the first non-infantry contingent from Canada to take part in »

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Canadian fighters finish Romanian mission

Not a “show of force”, a Canadian contingent of jet fighters was more a demonstration of NATO co-operation as well as being visible response to Russian aggression in Ukraine. The mission by Canadian planes and personnel, which is now ended, involved »