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Canada’s long summer school break and literacy concerns for children

In Canada, school children have long breaks of a little over two months. During this time, some studies have shown that  a percentage of children tend to lose some of the literacy and math skills acquired during the previous school »


Language-savvy parents good for children’s reading acquisition

Parents who understand language complexity offer more praise and improve their children’s reading development, according to a study from Concordia University in Montreal. Researchers studied 70 sets of six- and seven-year old children and their parents. The children were given »

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Print books better for reading to toddlers, study finds

Electronic books are becoming more popular, but a new study suggests reading to toddlers from print books is more beneficial for them. Researchers at the University of Michigan found parents and two-to-three year-olds interacted more when reading print books together. »

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Canadian non-profit agency says literacy should be a right

It seems shocking but in a developed country with a well-established education system, about a fifth of the population has serious problems with literacy, and almost half the population is below the international average standard for literacy. That’s according to »


Foundation seeks to make Canadian children the most literate

In honour of Canada’s 150th birthday, a charitable foundation has been created to make all Canadian children skilled and confident readers by the time the finish grade school. The stated mission of the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation is to make »


Ontario schoolchildren: literacy improving, math declining.

A new survey in Canada’s most populous province shows literacy skills, reading, writing, and comprehension, among children in Canadian schools are improving. However, elementary school results show almost half of students in Grade 6 (aged 11-12) failed to achieve the »

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Summer reading can boost kids’ well-being: author

Summer is short in Canada, but it’s a particularly good time to encourage children to read, says author and parenting columnist Ann Douglas. Canadians tend to think about reading in terms of academic improvement and expanding vocabulary. But Douglas says »