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Health Canada recalls hand sanitizers containing unacceptable ingredients

Health Canada has issued a recall on over 50 hand sanitizer products that may pose a health risk.  Products that contain ethanol and denaturants are not acceptable for use in hand sanitizers in Canada, according to a recall alert from »

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USB wall chargers subject to recall in Canada

Health Canada has warned Canadians to pay attention when buying USB wall chargers. Several of them are being subject to a recall after a test by Health Canada revealed that some of them can cause burns, shocks or be a »


Dollarama recalls toys containing potentially harmful chemicals

Discount retailer Dollarama is recalling more than half-a-million plastic “Skip Ball” toys containing high levels of phthalates that exceed Health Canada regulations. “Studies suggest that certain phthalates, including DEHP, may cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities in young children when soft »

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Heart drug valsartan update: Class-action request against drug companies

Requests to launch a class-action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies over the heart drug valsartan have been filed in Canadian courts Documents were filed late last week to request a national-class action, and in Montreal a similar request was filed for »


Health Canada recalls high blood pressure drugs containing valsartan due to cancer risk

Health Canada has issued a recall advisory of a commonly used medication to treat high blood pressure because of fears an impurity found in the drugs may cause cancer with long-term exposure. The recall affects several drugs containing the ingredient »


Millions of fire extinguishers recalled

More than 40 million fire extinguishers have been recalled in Canada and the United States because they might not work in an emergency.  A recall notice was issued by the U.S. Consumer Safety Product Safety Commission. The commission said it »

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Emergency allergy drug recalled

The Sanofi drug company is recalling hundreds of thousands of epinephrine injectors used to save people in the event of a life-threatening allergic reaction. The recall affects all injectors sold in Canada under the brand name Allerject and those sold »