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Record number of vaccines set to arrive in Canada

Shipments of the Pfizer vaccine arrived on February 21, 2021, as part of what is projected to be the largest number of COVID-19 vaccines to be shipped to Canada in one week. The Public Health Agency of Canada expects Pfizer »

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Another Guinness World Record for Canada

Leaving the news world of doom and gloom for a moment, a story that’s not a “fish tale”. Len Thompson, is the Canadian who created one of the most popular fishing lures of all time, and the giant replica of »

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Black Canadian sets record milestone in NHL professional hockey

In a time when discrimination is a major concern, a young black Canadian hockey player through his talent has broken a record of sorts in the National Hockey League. Quinton Byfield from Newmarket in southern Ontario, was first draught pick »

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Super rare huge Canadian diamond sells for record online price

A ‘flawless’ white diamond, the size of a small egg, was sold yesterday at a Hong Kong auction for an online record for the equivalent of C$ 20.9 million (USD $15.7). The 103.9 carat diamond was cut from a large »

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Russia’s military feat in Arctic, spectacular, but no real threat to West

Russia’s military in late April achieved a spectacular first. An elite team of paratroops jumped from a giant transport jet at a height of 10,000 metres above their Arctic archipelago. The paratroops used oxygen masks, specially designed clothing, parachutes and »

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Canadian taxpayers to face biggest deficit in history

The Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) has released a shocking report for Canadians. The Liberal government deficit spending will have reached just short of $25 billion in the fiscal year 2019 which ends March 31, almost all of it prior to »

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Arctic ice cover-second lowest on record

Records show this year saw the second lowest September sea-ice minimum cover in the Arctic compared to the 2012 record minimum. October was unusually warm and as ice began reforming in late September, the ice has been slow to re-form. »


Record high water levels expected on Great Lakes

As if the floods that have hit eastern Canadian provinces were not bad enough, there is a new forecast that record high water levels are expected on several of the Great Lakes over the next six months. These massive, deep »

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Oh Canada- what weather you have!

It is one large country, but what variations in conditions! In Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, wildfires, aided by unusually hot weather and lack of rain are threatening many communities and some evacuations have been ordered. New Brunswick in the east, »

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First, there were record floods in the east, now record floods in the west

(public commenting open on all RCI stories, scroll to very bottom to submit and read other comments) Even as  historically record flooding begins to slowly recede in the east coast province of New Brunswick, massive flooding is occurring in British »