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CleanFARMS; Agricultural plastic waste recovery on track and growing

Begun back in 2010 Cleanfarms is a non-profit industry effort to recover and recycle the vast amount of single-use plastics used in the agricultural industry. Mostly an ‘unseen’ issue, farms and the agricultural sector use enormous quantities of large and »

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Hellmann’s packaging to use 100 per cent recycled plastic

Canadians can now purchase their favourite type of mayonnaise knowing that its containers will have a lower carbon footprint. Hellmann’s is going to be selling their mayonnaise bottles and jars made from post-consumer recycled plastic across Canada. Post-consumer recycled plastic, »

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Montreal-zero waste city?

One of Canada’s largest urban centres, Montreal, has an ambitious plan to reduce waste over the next five years towards zero-waste by 2030. To start with, the city wants to stop producers and retailers from throwing out unsold food and »

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Huge Raptors victory parade- huge garbage mess

The idea of idea of reduce, re-use, recycle, or even just “don’t litter” all seem lost on the huge crowds that came out to cheer the NBA champion Toronto Raptors. The surprisingly huge crowd,  possibly around two million people, crammed »

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Government rules needed to reduce waste, argues campaigner

Asian countries are getting angry about waste sent to them for recycling from Canada and other western countries.While they may have, in the past, agreed to recycle waste, the problem is that some of it is contaminated with non-recyclable substances »

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Farmers and “CleanFARMS” and the effort to recycle plastic (interview)

Most people probably wouldn’t think about it, but farms in Canada generate thousands of tonnes of waste plastic annually. Fortunately there’s a concerted and well-organised effort in the past decade or more to keep this enormous amount of plastic from »

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Too much plastic: a new effort at reduction through re-use

It’s called “Loop”. A proposal at the Davos World Economic Forum this month would see major manufacturers help in re-use of their products by picking up empty product containers, say from ice cream, or laundry detergent, then sanitise them, refill »

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Canada only recycles 11 per cent of plastic waste

Environmentalists are urging Canadians to avoid single-use plastic, to recycle more and they want the government to take strong action to reduce plastic waste. A survey found that in 2017, 71 per cent of Canadians order takeout food more than »

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Ocean plastics recycled into cycling bags

A Canadian company has announced it will use fishing nets recovered from the ocean and recycled to make its entire line of cycling bags. Axiom Cycling Gear, based in the western city of Port Coquitlam says its goal is to »

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Environmentally aware: a matter of mind..over mind

We just marked Earth Day on Friday, April 22, but are we really doing all that well in our efforts to be more responsible in trying to reduce our environmental footprint? Apparently added education about the effects of our personal »