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Quebec to update recycling system

To better recycle, and reduce the use of plastic, the Quebec government will make manufacturers responsible for the life cycle of the products they make. From plastic containers and packaging, to newspapers, manufacturers in Quebec will have to deal with» 

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Canadians recycle nearly 3 million kilograms of batteries

Call2Recycle Canada Inc. reported that they collected and recycled 3 million kilograms of used batteries from Canadians in 2019. It was a 9 per cent increase over last year and a record high for the second year in a row.» 


Too much plastic: read RCI’s reports on plastic pollution and the efforts to reduce it

People around the world are becoming aware of the massive problem caused by plastic products, especially single-use plastics.  On June 10, the Canadian government announced that it will ban single use plastic products as of 2021. Plastic pollution is a» 


From dumpster to diesel: How a pilot project in Whitby is turning plastic waste into fuel

A pilot project in Whitby, Ont., is using technology to give plastic waste a second life by turning it into diesel fuel and gasoline. The technology, dubbed the Phoenix, can convert single-use items like plastic bags and Styrofoam — items» 

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The LINK Online, Jul 5.6.7, 2019 : recycling, music, cost of living

Your hosts, Lynn, Terry and Marc (Note the show will be taking a break during the summer- other interesting subjects will be available on the weekends; Video of this week’s show at bottom.  As always, full versions of the show» 

Filipino environmental activists wear a surprisingly realistic representation of a shipping container of garbage iner van filled with garbage to protest the cargo containers of garbage that were shipped from Canada to the Philippines in 2013 and 2014 (Aaron Favila/Associated Press)

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Garbage wars- Philippines to Canada- take it back or else

The story begins in 2013. An Ontario company began sending shipping containers to Manila labelled as being filled with “recyclable plastic”. In fact, they’re filled with garbage. This week President Rodrigo Duterte said he will declare “war” if Canada doesn’t» 

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Recycling plastic: individual efforts for naught?

Greenpeace highlights plastic dumping in Asia Many Canadians are shocked to learn that for all their well-intentioned efforts to sort and clean plastic packaging for recycling, only about 11 per cent actually gets recycled. That figure comes from Environmental Defence» 

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Canadian developed technology moving toward zero waste in smart phones

Electronics manufacturers are constantly exhorting people to buy new model mobile phones, and age also takes its toll on batteries, forcing people to buy new. As for old phones, these are to some extent taken apart manually to get at» 


Changing plastics strain recycling programs

Canada “among the most wasteful” “Canada is among one of the most wasteful countries in the world,” says Ashley Wallis of Environmental Defence, and although we recycle, the changing nature of waste is making that difficult. Total waste disposal amounted» 

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Toronto IT company launches computer collection drive for Syrian refugees

A Toronto-based IT company that specializes in refurbishing and recycling old electronic equipment is launching a collection drive to benefit Syrian refugee families in the Greater Toronto Area. Dennis Maslo, managing partner at Computation Ltd., said the idea of the»