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Environment & Animal Life, Society

Doctors ask homeowners to stop using natural gas

Homeowners in the western province of British Columbia (B.C.) are being asked to switch from using natural gas to electricity to help curb climate change. These are energy sources for home heating, hot water, kitchen appliances, clothes washers and dryers. »

Health, Internet, Science & Technology

Limiting social media may be a growing trend, says educator

U.S. politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said social media pose a public health risk and she will give up Facebook and limit her use of other platforms. Studies have made links between heavy use of social media and anxiety and depression. »

Health, Society

Canada’s government seeks to slash tobacco use

The use of tobacco kills 45,000 Canadians annually and the government wants to drive down the proportion of people who smoke from 15 per cent to less than five per cent by 2035. Smoking starts early Most Canadians start smoking »

Politics, Society

Government to reduce mandatory minimum sentences

The Liberal government elected in late 2015 is planning to roll back some of its predecessors tough-on-crime legislation including some mandatory minimum sentences. Judges used to have very wide discretion when sentencing people found guilty of most crimes, murder being »