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Canada back in court to defend Safe Third Country Agreement

The Canadian government is set to argue during a Federal Court of Appeal hearing today and tomorrow that an agreement between Canada and the United States to treat each other as “safe countries” for refugees does not violate the Charter »

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Sponsors ask Canada to lift refugee travel restrictions

Pandemic restrictions mean that Canada is not likely to meet its target for the number of sponsored refugees it hoped to admit in 2020.  The government had set a target of admitting 20,000 privately sponsored refugees but by the end »

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Canada’s asylum agreement with the U.S. infringes on Charter: Federal Court

An agreement between Canada and the United States to treat each other as “safe countries” for refugees infringes upon the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a Federal Court judge has ruled, giving Ottawa six months to respond. In a »

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Safe&Sound-New program helps immigrants build a new life in Canada as musicians

Remember hip hop Toronto singer K’Naan? His song Wavin’ Flag was used for the Coca-Cola commercial during the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Yes, it’s been 10 years already, but the contagious energy certainly is still with you.  »

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Record 79.5M people displaced by war and conflict, says UN report

A record 79.5 million people were displaced by conflict in 2019, UNHCR, the UN Refugee agency reported Thursday as it appealed to countries worldwide to do more to care for those who had to flee their homes. UNHCR’s Global Trends »

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Canada pledges $27M to help Venezuelan refugees weather COVID-19

Canada will provide $27 million to help millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants fleeing their country during a global pandemic that has put new strains on the international community’s ability to respond to South American nation’s economic and political crisis. International Development »

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Amnesty International calls on Canada to open border to refugees from the U.S.

As countries around the world close their borders to contain the spread of COVID-19, Amnesty International is calling on the federal government to set an example of humane treatment of refugees and open Canada’s borders to asylum seekers from the »

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COVID-19 threatens to decimate the world’s 70M displaced people: report

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads to areas already struggling with war, climate change, economic collapse and displacement, it will disproportionately impact the world’s most vulnerable populations, including refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people (IDPs), humanitarian groups warn. The impact of »

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UN calls for ‘sweeping vision’ to deal with global refugee crisis

Humanitarian groups meeting in Switzerland for the first-ever Global Refugee Forum today say the international community needs to find “bold new solutions” to defend the human rights of refugees and the communities that host them. The forum, co-hosted by the »

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Sponsors of refugees call on new government to do more

Groups which privately sponsor refugees to come to Canada are calling on the newly-elected Canadian government to bring in more refugees under its own auspices. The Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Agreement Holders Association (SAH Council) says private sponsorship of refugees should »