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Canada announces matching aid fund for Rohingya refugees

The federal government is launching a special matching relief fund to help humanitarian agencies in Bangladesh to deal with the influx of nearly one million Rohingya refugees fleeing a brutal campaign of ethnic cleansing in neighbouring Myanmar, Canada’s Minister of »

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World opinion on migrants: Unease mounts

Almost half (48%) of the thousands interviewed say there are too many immigrants in their country. An Ipsos survey of opinion in 25 countries around the world shows a high level of unease with migration, whether immigration, migrants or refugees. »

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Canada provides $2.5M in urgent funding for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The federal government announced on Friday $2.55 million in urgent funding assistance to the United Nations agencies grappling with a huge influx of Rohingya refugees fleeing from Myanmar in recent weeks to escape what the UN’s human rights chief has »

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UNICEF calls for urgent response to care for Rohingya children

The United Nations children’s agency needs urgent financial support from international donors to care for nearly 200,000 Rohingya children who have fled to Bangladesh from Myanmar in recent weeks to escape what the UN’s human rights chief has called a »

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Could U.S.policy cause a tidal wave of immigration and asylum claims in Canada?

U.S. President Donald Trump has announced he will end a policy known as DACA, which has caused great turmoil for tens of thousands of undocumented people in the U.S. Could that mean another wave, or even tsunami of people crossing »

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Asylum seekers: Canadians getting generosity fatigue?

(comments open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom of page) A new poll by the firm Angus Reid shows a small majority of Canadians may be feeling less generous toward asylum seekers, especially ones crossing illegally into Canada. Since »

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Asylum seeker found dead near Canada-U.S. border

American police officials in Kittson County, Minnesota say they found the body of a woman in a ditch about a kilometre from the border with the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was in an area known as an illegal crossing »

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Refugees need more, not less legal aid, say advocates

The body that provides free legal aid in the province of Ontario says it must cut services for refugees because of budget shortfalls. An umbrella council of refugee advocacy groups is calling on the federal and all provincial government to »

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Lawyers renew appeal to Canada for Snowden helpers

Lawyers for the three families who assisted Edward Snowden are asking the government of Canada to fast-track their applications for asylum in this country. And they are asking Canadians to support the effort. The families were seeking asylum in Hong Kong »

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Novel tells of recent refugees and past slavery in Malta

When she arrived in Malta ten years ago, two things shocked Canadian author Ami Sands Brodoff; the  horror stories of refugees coming by boat and the history of Jews who were enslaved there in the 17th and 18th centuries. Author »