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Winnipeg tentatively named hub city for possible CFL season

The Canadian Football League announced on Tuesday that the city of Winnipeg has been tentatively chosen to be the league’s hub city for a potential 2020 season pending the approval of public health and safety officials in Manitoba.  The selection »

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Researchers in Saskatchewan developing COVID-19 saliva test

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan are leading the development of a new test that will be able to detect SARS-Cov-2 proteins in saliva, according to a press release from the University of Saskatchewan last Thursday. Dr. Walter Siqueira of »

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CFL announces new Grey Cup format…IF AND WHEN

It’s never been the Super Bowl, thank God. In fact, the Grey Cup is a whole lot older and most Canadians would likely tell you it’s a whole lot better. That is a matter for debate at a later date. »


Safe crackers wanted

The Civic Museum in Regina Saskatchewan has a very cool, large, and heavy antique safe.  They have no idea what treasures (or not) may be waiting inside because they don’t know how to open it. Made by the Winnipeg Safe »

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Snowy owl in critical condition but improving after crash

A snowy owl is healing in a wildlife rehabilitation centre in western Canada after crashing into a sports utility vehicle on December 28th. The young male raptor was caught in the grille of the vehicle but a telephone call brought »

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Best tourist marketing ploy ever? Or worst? Or joke?

Is it a brilliant marketing ploy for promoting tourism to Regina, the capital city of the prairie province of Saskatchewan? Or, is it some incredibly lame idea that somehow made it past the bureaucrats, perhaps getting a government approval signature »

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How not to rob a house in Regina, or anywhere

When police catch criminals, one might ask; was it due to excellent police work, or in some cases, the criminals make some dumb, really dumb mistakes? First thing for criminals to keep in mind is, don’t attempt a robbery when »

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Weight training and creatine : Bone benefits for post-menopausal women-

Osteoporosis- (bone density loss)-  and the possibility of severe injury from falls are a major health concern for post-menopausal women. In a first of its kind, a new Canadian study has shown clear evidence of benefits for women over 50 »

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Agribition: major international agricultural event in Saskatchewan

Scene from Agribition 2013, one of the biggest agricuiltural events and auctions on the contintnt. with thousands of international visitors from dozens of countries © Tourism Saskatchewan It’s called the Canadian Western Agribition, and its the biggest livestock event in Canada, »