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Ontario community divided over loudspeaker religious broadcasts

The city of Mississauga Ontario, part of what is known as the greater Toronto area (GTA) has decided to allow Hindu temples to broadcast prayers on loudspeakers on a temporary basis. The controversial decision allows the broadcasts into the community »

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COVID-19: No singing, dancing allowed in Ontario

No,’happy birthday’, no ‘for he’s a jolly good fellow’, no, ‘row row row your boat’ Provinces across Canada are slowly starting to relax restrictions due to the COVID-19 virus. This includes Ontario, the most populous province by far which has »

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The Supreme Court decides not to hear challenge to Quebec secularism law

Hopes of  Supreme Court ruling to grant an injunction against a controversial Quebec law were dashed today when Canada’s highest court said it will not hear the case. The Supreme Court does not give reasons for decisions not to hear »

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Quebec premier’s comment in California raises eyebrows

“All French-Canadians are Catholic” It was another of those candid conversations between politicians caught by reporters. After the recent incident where Canada’s Prime Minister at a NATO reception was overheard in a group seemingly mocking the U.S. President, comes another »


Nadia’s Journey 2.0: interview with filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui

Award winning Montreal-based filmmaker Nadia Zouaoui is no stranger to controversy. She has a knack for finding subjects for her films that engender debate, force the viewer to question long-held beliefs, confront and shatter stereotypes. But she does all that »


Young, educated Canadians support role of faith in public life, survey says

Canadians who support the role of religion in public life tend to be younger, well-educated and generally have more liberal views, and are not necessarily “holly rollers” or “Bible-thumping” conservatives, according to a new survey by the Angus Reid Institute. »


Supreme Court rules against Christian university law school

Religious freedom vs civil rights Trinity Western University (TWU) is an independent evangelical Christian university in British Columbia. As a requirement for students, they must agree not to engage in sexual activity outside of heterosexual marriage. The “Community Covenant” is »

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Imposing ethics? – Ottawa’s new funding rules for summer jobs

Anti-abortion, pro-life sentiments not permitted. **(public comments open to post or read at very bottom of page)** Around this time of year a number of charitable groups and organisations start thinking about adding staff for employment for the busy summer »

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Religion and influence on government and public life

“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” That’s part of the preamble to the Canadian Constitution. However, it is a fairly recent concept as the Constitution Act dates back only »

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Religion and its place in Canadian public life

A new national survey shows Canadians are divided about the role religion should play in government and societal affairs. In an Angus Reid Institute survey, more respondents said religion is good for society or does more good than bad (38%) »