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Documentary: Clergy who lose their own faith

It’s perhaps surprising that among those who are leaders in religion, the priests and reverends, and preachers, are some who have come to disbelieve. A new documentary film called “Losing Our Religion” looks at this little known, secretive, issue Leslea »

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Gentle host and pioneer of Canadian televangelism dies at age 81

He was softspoken and in a way, typically Canadian David Mainse passed away this week at age 81 after a five-year battle with leukemia.  He was the Pentacostal minister who brought televangelism Canadian-style to the nation with the daily show »

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When fake news, even advertised as such, can still cause problems

Canadian Imam not involved, and news story completely made up. In the face of disaster, fake news stories even ones advertised as such, can still cause problems. Hurricane Harvey recently devasted the major U.S city of Houston Texas and the »

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Canada 150 by the numbers

Statistics Canada has been telling the country’s story in numbers for more than a century and to mark the sesquicentennial anniversary of Canadian Confederation the federal data agency has prepared a numerical snapshot of Canada. Statistics Canada’s has compiled interesting »


The LINK Online, Sun. Apr. 16, 2017

Your hosts this week: Levon Sevunts and Terry Haig. A new study suggests that as we age the microbes in our intestines change and cause inflammation leading to declining health. Further research could eventually provide therapies to change those microbes »


Shying away from organized religion Canadians still keep faith: study

As millions of Canadians get ready to enjoy the long Easter weekend, a new study shows that even if they skip religious services, most Canadians are much less hostile toward religion than declining church attendances might imply. In fact, only about »

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Canadians views on various religions and religious garb softening

A new survey says Canadians tolerance levels for various obvious religious clothing is increasing. While Christianity and Buddhism are viewed favourably, almost half of respondents (46%) viewed Islam negatively. While the wearing of a Turban was viewed as OK by »

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Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras) today

Probably a lot of people aren’t aware of the Christian calendar day today as Shrove Tuesday. That’s the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, which is a period of fasting, (or at least reduced eating with no »

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What’s happening to Canadian churches?

In the news this week, a large well-known church in Montreal will close and be offered for sale. Trinity Memorial was built to accommodate 1,000 people, but as the number of parishioners has diminished the Archdeacon says the costs of »


Diabolical medieval witchcraft book in Canada

The fascinating story of Tinctor’s “foul treatise” from 1460 in Flanders and Burgundian France, and how it ended up in Canada Then student Rob Desjardins (PhD) discovered the hidden significance of the book in 2005 along with his supervisor at the »