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PEN Canada denounces killing of Jordanian writer over Islam cartoon

In a press release today PEN Canada has denounced the murder of writer Nahed Hattar. The Jordanian writer was killed on the weekend as he approached the steps of a court building in Amman. He had been charged with “insulting »

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Who are Arab Canadians?

Arab Canadians are not a recent addition to the Canadian mosaic. It is widely believed the first Arab immigrant was a Lebanese man who arrived in Canada in 1882. Ibrahim Abou Nader came from the city of Zahleh, then in »


Quebec town rezones religious space.

Muslim groups hint at discrimination The small city of St Lambert, directly across from Montral, has proposed new zoning regulations that affect potential future religious activity in the city. The new regulations reduce the number of areas available for religious »


Saving a magnificent wooden church

There are several words to describe the large wooden churches on Prince Edward Island: magnificent, breath-taking, awe-inspiring are certainly among them. But these churches need money for upkeep, and like many churches now, are in financial trouble. An architectural beauty, »

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Studying society’s morals of the past; Jessica Steinberg

We often think of the Victorian era as one being very moralistic and prudish, but that attitude was around long beforehand. Jessica Steinberg (PhD, ASECS fellow) at the McMaster University library ancient books collection in Hamilton Ontario © JD Howell- McMaster »

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Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission ends

After six years of hearing testimony, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) wrapped up hearings this week in the national capital, Ottawa. A summary of the final report is expected to be released tomorrow. The commission was set up to »


Supreme Court rules against city Council prayers

For as long as can be remembered, the city council in the town of Saguenay Quebec, has begun its meetings with a brief prayer, a relatively common occurrence across in cities and towns across Canada. Eight year’s ago, atheist Alain »


Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte remembered as defender of poor, Archbishop of Montreal

Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte, a longtime Archbishop of Montreal who made his reputation as a defender of the poor, has died at age 78 after a long illness. The Archdiocese of Montreal confirmed Turcotte’s death in the palliative care unit at Marie-Clarac »


Book: Faith Under Fire- Alan Hustak

In 1914, none could imagine the horrors and loss awaiting the world, as millions of young men marched off to war. Already in middle-age, Canadian Frederick G Scott, a respectable priest, was very much of the Victorian and Edwardian mindset »


Orthodox Jew sues Quebec government for a lack of education

A former Hasidic Orthodox Jew is has served notice of an intention to sue the provincial government in Quebec saying it failed to enforce education requirements leaving him virtually illiterate and unemployable. British-born Yonanan Lowen, now 36, came to Canada »