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Sombre ceremony this afternoon to honour CAF helicopter crash victims

Family, friends, and military members will gather at the Canadian Forces airbase in Trenton Ontario today for a ceremony to honour six military members. They were aboard a Canadian military Cyclone helicopter which crashed into the sea on April 29, »

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Major remembrance ceremonies cancelled, but remembrance continues (interview)

Letters in a Time of War A major wartime remembrance event was to be taking place  this week in Holland. This was to remember Operation Faust, a Canadian and Allied effort to feed starving Dutch citizens still occupied by Germans. »

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Remembrance Day: Honouring the Canadian fallen

It is a cold and slightly snowy day across much of Canada this November 11th, as it often is on this date in this country. Regardless of the weather,  Canadians are gathering at cenotaphs, war memorials and community centres across »


Remembrance: Poppy campaign scam

Sadly it’s not surprising anymore.  Scammers attempting to profit from an honourable fund raising effort. Now, the Royal Canadian Legion annual poppy campaign for Remembrance Day is the latest target of scammers. The red artificial poppies are handed out by »


Remembrance: Canadian towns honour veterans

In an effort to uphold the phrase “Lest We Forget”, various communities across the country have taken to raising various banners in their communities to showcase and commemorate local veterans and in some cases also to those Canadians awarded the »

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D-Day 75: Postcards to remember the past (interview)

It is an interesting project to bring commemoration and realisation of the Normandy landings of 1944, directly to Canadian, hundreds of whom don’t know they have an interesting connection to fallen Canadian soldiers of the Second World War. The Juno »

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Remembering the fallen through place names

All across Canada, important battles and names of fallen Canadians have been remembered by naming certain geographical features. These could be lakes, towns, islands, parks, mountains. etc Now in time for the 100th anniversary of the end of the First »


Veterans’ service organizations face many challenges

As soldiers grow old, there are volunteer shortages and funding challenges for the hundreds of chapters of The Royal Canadian Legion across Canada. There are more than 1,400 branches of this non-profit organization which offers services to veterans and serves »

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WWI: Remembering the last to die

The First World War Armistice to end the horrors of four years of brutal war had been signed. At 11 am on November 11, 1918 all hostilities were to cease.   As all combattants knew the cease fire was imminent, for »

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Canadians to recreate Armistice parade in Mons, Belgium, 100 years later

In November 1918 the horrific toll of the First World War was coming to an end. The Armistice to end hostilities was being negotiated. On the morning of the 11th, official word came to the Canadians to hold their place »