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Imported ‘rescue’ dogs are one source of exotic diseases in Canada

or years, Canadian veterinarians have been expressing concerns about rare non-native diseases being brought into the country through imported animals. They are now reporting rare cases of Leishmania, a flesh eating parasite present in many tropical and subtropical countries, but »


Coast Guard offers student summer jobs patrolling

For students who like adventure, a cool summer job to consider would be search and rescue work on Canada’s waters.  Every summer, the Canadian Coast Guard hires post-secondary students to staff Inshore Rescue Boat stations across the country. There are »

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Injured right whale calf: a small success, still great concern about survival

Marine biologists were somewhat encouraged by a half-dozen births this year to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population.  This however is still well-below the hoped for number of about 30 births. Adding to their concern was that on »

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Canada accepts new Search and Rescue aircraft

In spite of ongoing concerns over the manuals for the plane, the Canadian military has accepted the first of its new Search and Rescue (SAR) aircraft from Airbus. Known as the CC-295 the plane was to be delivered by December »

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Salmon will be flown by helicopter after landslide blocked river

Since late June, tens of thousands of migratory salmon have been trapped behind a rock slide on the Fraser River in remote British Columbia. To help them continue their journey, Canadian authorities announced that they would fly them over the »


2 Canadian women abducted in Ghana rescued

Two Canadian women who were abducted last week in Ghana have been rescued, the charity they volunteered for confirmed Wednesday. “Early this morning Lauren Tilley and Bailey Chitty were rescued by Ghanaian police,” said a statement by Youth Challenge International. »

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Extreme weather strands cabinet minister, others in cars

Unusual weather caused flooding, stranding a provincial cars in the eastern city of St. John’s yesterday. A snowstorm dumped 10 centimetres of snow in just two hours and then more than 18 millimetres of freezing rain and rain topped it »

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Cave rescue: ‘They can’t just drag the kids through’

Trying to rescue 12 boys and their coach through a cave with varying levels of water is an enormously complicated task which would require the use of scuba gear, says a Canadian spelunker. Many of the children trapped in Thailand »


Dog awarded for saving elderly skier

There are not that many but yes, some Canadians do cross-country ski at the age of 89 and even older. But as can happen, octogenarian Lloyd Stone took a fall on March 3, 2017 when he hit an icy patch »


Man falls off mountain in the heart of Montreal

Montrealers may have been shocked to learn that a man was critically injured after falling off Mount Royal in the heart of the city last night. Then again, maybe they weren’t because another man fell to his death in almost »