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Researchers in Saskatchewan developing COVID-19 saliva test

Researchers from the University of Saskatchewan are leading the development of a new test that will be able to detect SARS-Cov-2 proteins in saliva, according to a press release from the University of Saskatchewan last Thursday. Dr. Walter Siqueira of »

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COVID-19: Canadian security agencies warn of cyber threats to research

n a rather unusual notice, Canadian security agencies have released a joint statement warning that COVID-19 research has become a target for ‘state actor”  hacking attempts. The Canadian Security Establishment (CSE) and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) said in »

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Canadian chemists develop artificial ‘tongue’ of gold to taste maple syrup

Researchers at Université de Montréal have developed a new test using gold nanoparticles to quickly determine the flavour of maple syrup and help producers evaluate the quality of this iconic Canadian product often referred to as Quebec’s liquid gold. While »

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Canada pledges $850M to global efforts to fight COVID-19

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that Canada has pledged to invest $850 million in Canadian and international research to accelerate the global development of COVID-19 vaccines as well as tests and treatments for the fight against the pandemic. Speaking »


Canada to invest $1.1B in COVID-19 research and testing, says Trudeau

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Thursday $1.1 billion in new funding for a national medical and research strategy to address the COVID-19 pandemic that has already claimed over 2,000 lives in Canada and infected more than 41,000 Canadians. Speaking at »

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COVID-19: Possible hope to fight virus from existing drug: U Alberta study

University of Alberta researchers have discovered that an existing drug can stop the COVID-19 virus from replicating. The drug was original developed in 2014 in hopes of fighting Ebola. The American produced drug, remdesivir, was not particularly effective against Ebola, »

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COVID-19: Avoid reverse infection-scientists halt field research on bats

North American scientists are being advised to stop field work with bats to avoid a transfer of the COVID-19 virus back into wildlife. The U.S Fish and Wildlife Service has sent an advisory to biologists there who do research with »

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Obesity and aging: study finds obesity can speed aging

One might think that obesity and the effects of aging are two relatively unrelated health issues. A new study however shows that in fact obesity has many similar effects on the body function as those that occur due to aging. »

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COVID-19 cure? Major international efforts underway

Laboratories and researchers around the world are desperately working to find a cure for this new and deadly virus. As of Monday morning, there were at least 350,000 known cases of infection world-wide with more than 15,000 deaths according to »


Canada invests in coronavirus research as cases continue to rise

In order to contribute to global efforts dealing with the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus outbreak, the Canadian government announced this morning that it has invested $27 million in coronavirus research. According to the World Health Organization there are 98,023 »