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Obesity and aging: study finds obesity can speed aging

One might think that obesity and the effects of aging are two relatively unrelated health issues. A new study however shows that in fact obesity has many similar effects on the body function as those that occur due to aging. »

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COVID-19 cure? Major international efforts underway

Laboratories and researchers around the world are desperately working to find a cure for this new and deadly virus. As of Monday morning, there were at least 350,000 known cases of infection world-wide with more than 15,000 deaths according to »


Canada invests in coronavirus research as cases continue to rise

In order to contribute to global efforts dealing with the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus outbreak, the Canadian government announced this morning that it has invested $27 million in coronavirus research. According to the World Health Organization there are 98,023 »

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Tinder as a marketing tool: Exploring off brand uses of the dating app

With over 50 million users around the world, it is easy to see how Tinder can be enticing to use as a marketing tool for a variety of events, campaigns, fundraisers, and businesses.  While doing some research on new technologies »

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Promising HIV/AIDS research and treatment using antibodies, not drugs

Uses natural antibodies, not drugs A small-scale trial study has shown promise in the fight against HIV. The study involves use of natural white blood cell antibodies to help fight the virus. Dr. Daniel Kaufmann (MD) is a professor in »

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Canada’s new national climate change research institute

Announced this week, Canada has a new agency to look into the various issues of climate change. Non-partisan and arms-length from the government which is funding it, the agency will partner with experts in a variety of fields of research »

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CRISPR: Ethics and the gene editing of humans

By making genetic research so much easier, the recent technology known as CRISPR has allowed scientists an enormous advantage in research into so many areas. Unfortunately there’s a downside which raises serious ethical questions. Françoise Baylis (CM, ONS, PhD, FRSC, »

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Revelations of whale behaviour using drones

University of British Columbia researchers wanted to study feeding behaviour of two separate groups of killer whales. Although both groups live in similar environments on the west coast, both feeding on salmon and facing increased noise pollution, water pollution, disturbances »

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Study says relax your brain and live longer

It seems counterintuitive, calm your brain activity, and you live longer. That’s seemingly the results of a new American research study led by researchers at the Harvard Medical School in Boston. Others say this research should not replace the “use »

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Toxic flame retardants replacing toxic flame retardants

For years medical scientists have been concerned about the addition of flame retardant chemicals into almost all consumer items, from fabrics in curtains, pyjamas, carpets, car seats and furniture, foam cushioning to televisions and other electronic devices. The chemical called »