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Misuse of antibiotics, other drugs threatens public health

The overuse and unnecessary use of drugs to fight bacteria and other pathogens can eventually mean those pathogens will develop resistance allowing them to infect and even kill us. When the drugs can no longer fight these pathogens it means »

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COVID-19: Canadians upset at fines for simplest of things

Emergency rules for social distancing seem not well-understood. That misunderstanding is costing many people hundreds of dollars in fines. People, now spending much more time indoors, want to get outside, but there seems to be confusion about provincial rules and »

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Government announces steps to limit drug resistance

The Canadian government has announced changes to the rules on veterinary drugs it says will help to limit antimicrobial resistance. The widespread use of drugs world-wide has caused some bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites to become resistant to them. Surgery »

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‘Résistance’ is Quebec art biennial’s theme this year

“Resistance… is exceptionally important at this particular moment in time…[of] mass protests, financial downfall, chronic recession ,” says Vicky Chainey Gagnon, the curator of the 2014 edition of the Quebec City biennial, Manif d’art 7. The month-long exhibition of contemporary »

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This week Wojtek, Marc, and Lynn are together to talk about stories they covered this past week. We hear some very worrying news about Canada’s forests. Climate change and warmer winters have allowed a tiny beetle to flourish, and after »

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Looking for poems about class, poverty, and/or resistance

Dr Kendra Coulter is a labour studies professor and she’s on a mission to find poems that will help her students at Canada’s Brock University understand the issues of class, poverty, and resistance. Her current research focuses on retail work »