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Huge iconic remnant of retail in Canada closing

One of the last great vestiges of retail in Canada is set to close. The giant ‘Bay’ store in Winnipeg, already hurting from changing shopping habits, has now succumbed to COVID. Hudson’s Bay announced it will close the operation in »


Canadian economy: Indications that a recovery from COVID has stalled

In spite of massive emergency federal funding for individuals and business and in spite of what appeared to be the start of a healthy recovery in mid-summer, it now appears that has stalled. The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) »


Retail sales see massive drop since physical distancing measures

Retail sales in Canada have gone down 33.6 per cent since the social and physical distancing measures were put in place in mid-March, according to a report released by Statistics Canada earlier today. In the month of April, retail sales »

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Virus takes down more retailers, big and small

With shopping prevented for weeks now in many retail outlets, business has been suffering enormously. Pier 1, which at its height had over 1,200 stores in the U.S and Canada had already sought bankruptcy protection due to slowing sales when »

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Retail vs e-commerce: Quebec pension fund  to divest shopping malls

Is it the shape of things to come? Online sales are continually being cited as one of the main reasons why many stores are closing.  Several major chains have been suffering a significant reduction in their sales and profits with »

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Still more retail closings

This week another retail chain has announced major closings.  Home furnishing and interior decor chain Pier 1 Imports announced Monday it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the U.S. As part of that move, it said about half »

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This is the end: Another Canadian shopping tradition closes

Once upon a time, shoppers in Canada were spoiled with Canadian options. Giant department store chains, upscale and discount, were widespread. Now another of these familiar retail names will fade completely into history. The last two Zeller’s stores will close »

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Disappearing cashiers: self check-out replacing people

Retail self-checkout: a trend but with backlash More and more stores are reducing cashiers and replacing them with self checkouts. But unlike ATM’s or self-serve gas stations, they are still not widely accepted by clients. However, it might be an »

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Hard times for retail: Another major chain closure in Canada

The oldest retail chain empire in Canada, has decided to shut down a major subsidiary. Hudson’s Bay Canada (HBC) was founded in 1670 and has grown to an international operation. The retail giant announced this week it will be closing »

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Huge grocery chain admits price fixing

Bread prices “fixed” for 14 years It was a rather stunning admission: the head of Canada’s largest grocery chain and baking operation admitted they’d been “fixing” the price of bread since 2002. Galen Weston, chairman and CEO of George Weston »