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Pot tax: Figures are in on cannabis revenue for governments

Statistics Canada, the federal statistics agency is reporting on revenues that governments in Canada have gained since recreational use of cannabis was legalised. In round figures Provincial governments took in $79 million in excise taxes, and the federal government $19 »


New stamps are pretty but more expensive

Canada Post has issued a new set of stamps featuring spectacular scenes from different parts of the country at the same time as the cost of  mailing a letter increases. The issue is the second set of stamps in the »

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Students want pot revenues spent on mental health, addiction help

Some students at the University of Alberta want the government of their western province to take revenue raised from the sale of marijuana and spend it on mental health and addiction initiatives. The Canadian government is planning to legalize the »

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Canada missing billions of dollars in tax revenues

A research group says the Canadian government is missing between $8.9 and $47.8 billion in tax revenues every year. The figures are based on what other countries have calculated for themselves and the Conference Board of Canada says this country »

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Canada’s tax man scanning your social media posts

You might want to think twice about posting online images of your new big boat, or expensive car or vacation, or major home renovations. It’s now been revealed that the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is  scanning social media sites for »

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Tax from legalized marijuana could hit $5 billion

A new report suggests that governments in Canada could gain as much as $5 billion in tax revenue annually once the sale of marijuana for recreational use is legalized, reports Canadian Press. The recently-elected Liberal government promised to legalize and »