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Secretive military intelligence review agency delivers first report

A relatively new group called The National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians (NSICP) has just released its first annual report. Although the committee is not secret, most what it deals with is indeed top secret. The idea for the »

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Science lacks evidence on depression in women, find researchers

Depression affects twice as many women as men and there needs to be more research on what makes men’s and women’s brains so different, say researchers at the University of Guelph. The researchers looked at studies on sex differences in »

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Consumers risk being sued for online criticism

A Canadian woman posted some negative comments on the internet about a restoration company in Ottawa and now the company is threatening to sue her for damage to its reputation. Under Canada’s criminal law, “a defamatory libel is matter published, »

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Groups want restrictions on pesticide in drinking water

Several health and environmental groups are expressing “deep concern” that Canadian officials decided to not ban the pesticide atrazine which is present in some drinking water. The chemical is widely used on corn and sorghum crops across Canada. It is »