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Taking a different perspective on world drug problem

The respected and influential medical journal The Lancet, recently published a series of researched articles on the world illicit drug situations. The purpose was to begin to change the perceptions around illicit drug use and develop evidence-based policies in dealing »

The research involved mouse brains in development, here showing over 62,000 individual cells of the cerebellum. Being able to locate and target the individual cells which can become “cells of lineage” for tumours means the ability to eventually develop treatment. Here the mouse cerebellum cells are shown in development pre- and post birth. (Maria Vladoui, Ibrahim El-Hamami, Laura Donovan)

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Canadian research into childhood brain cancer- new discovery

Brain tumours are the leading cause of non-accidental death in children. Tragically there is little that can be done once the cancer begins such that a majority of cases are fatal. Unfortunately as well, little is known about these cancers »

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HIV-AIDS: Second patient “cured” but not yet a cure

An American patient in Berlin who was suffering from HIV-AIDS, was cured some years ago, and now comes news that a second patient in London, England, has also been cured-i.e, now seems to be completely free of the disease. In »

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International cooperation on rare genetic paediatric brain disorder

A newborn baby was urgently tranferred to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Montreal Children’s hospital displaying signs of distress and tremors or seizures. With a head that was smaller than normal, tests showed problems with brain development. Sadly for her »

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Canada research: another step towards fighting cancer

Discovering how cancer cells communicate and spread Researchers in Montreal have found that cancers “communicate” with other cells. They discovered a mutation in a gene present in cancer patients with “glioblastoma”, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The gene can »

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New immunology discovery to fight cancer and more

The human body is a remarkably complex and yet efficient machine. Scientists are learning more and more about how the machine works and the tiniest parts can play a big role. New discoveries have been taking place in the area »

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Driving while high: negative cannabis effects linger for hours.

Recreational use of cannabis is set to become legal in Canada as of tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 17. Even as government “pot shops” are preparing what they believe may be a rush on consumption, many concerns remain among a variety of »

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Another step toward defeating resistant/tolerant bacteria

Researchers in Canada have found a potential weakness in one of the most common, serious, and even deadly bacteria that has been difficult to treat with antibiotics. Dr. Dao Nguyen (MD. MSc), is a scientist from the Translational Research in »

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A key towards solving pre-term births

Canadian researchers have discovered what may be an important link in the serious health issue of pre-term births. Babies born before the normal gestation period of 37 weeks have been shown to sometimes develop health or emotional problems later including »

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Delving into the mystery of eggs and human fertility

It’s known that as a woman ages, it becomes more difficult to conceive or to produce healthy babies. Researchers in Montreal, have come a step closer to understanding egg development and possibly someday treatments to improve the chances for successful »