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Remembering the day it all started to go bad for Montreal baseball fans

Twenty-five years ago Monday, Aug. 12, 1994, the Montreal Expos appeared to be bound for that fall’s World Series, Major League Baseball’s ode to glory, the reason why players play and fans go to games. For those who may have» 

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Whither the 2019 Blue Jays? Pondering the possibilities…

The Blue Jays open their 2019 season Thursday afternoon in Toronto. Hopes are high, of course. That’s the nature of the game. Everybody’s even on Opening Day, they say (forgetting, as we must this year, that two games have already» 

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Distant replay: Remembering the Montreal Expos with tears and laughter

There was a ceremony at City Hall on Monday. It was all about celebrating that moment 50 years ago when the Expos joined Major League Baseball–50 years since they began breaking our hearts in a million pieces. In all the» 

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New Blue Jays manager has his hands full but says he’s ready

Baseball, it sometimes appears, never sleeps. The World Series ended Sunday night in Los Angles. Less than a day later, the Toronto Blue Jays were introducing their new manager, Charlie Montoyo, to the media. Montoyo takes over field management of» 

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Talking baseball–the good, the bad and the ugly–during a summer to forget

For Canadians who love Major League Baseball, it’s been a summer to forget. The Toronto Blue Jays have been terrible. And since the Montreal Expos departed for Washington D.C. in 2005, the Jays are the only big league game in» 


An early report from Jays’ spring training–a little bit of good, a little bit of bad

The Toronto Blue Jays opened their Grapefruit League schedule Friday in Florida. In most years, that might prompt some poetic waxing about the joys of spring training that will lead to pennant fever. This year: not so much. Looking back» 

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Blue Jays’ struggles are turning Canadian fans’ dreams to ashes

It’s never good when things go bad, certainly in baseball. Let’s begin with the game itself, deadened this season by a record-setting influx of home runs–exciting when a game is on the line in the late innings, pretty much a» 

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Pitching, not slugging, will mark the Blue Jays’ bid to make the 2017 post-season

This time next week Canada’s only major league baseball team, the Toronto Blue Jays, will be in Montreal to complete their 2017 Spring Training schedule with two exhibition games against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Edward Encarnacion, left, is gone, but long-time» 

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Canada remains a distinct long shot at the World Baseball Classic

The fourth edition of the loftily-named World Baseball Classic gets underway Monday in Seoul when South Korea hosts Israel in the first game of the 16-team tournament that will wrap up in Los Angeles on March 22. Played in four» 

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Baseball is back, Spring Training is here and it can be confirmed: winter will end

Spring is coming, winter be damned. The day when we can all relax, at least just a tad, has arrived. The Toronto Blue Jays’ pitchers and catchers report to camp for their physicals on Tuesday. They start throwing on Wednesday.»