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Injured right whale calf: a small success, still great concern about survival

Marine biologists were somewhat encouraged by a half-dozen births this year to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale population.  This however is still well-below the hoped for number of about 30 births. Adding to their concern was that on »

Speed limits on commercial shipping have been re-imposed in the Gulf of St Lawrence after two endangered right whales were spotted this week

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Right whales, a ray of hope (interview)

They’re known as the North Atlantic Right whales. That’s because for whalers in the age of sail, they were the “right” whale to hunt. Big and slow, and full of oil and baleen, and relatively close to coastlines, they were »

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North Atlantic Right whales: fewer than ever

Imagine the future of the human race is there were only 411 people left on earth, and less than a quarter were breeding age women. Add into that dire equation, a very real risk of fatal accidents that claim several »

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Quebec’s provincial election: What does it signal for Canada, maybe the world?

Quebec is Canada’s second most populous province, mainly French-speaking, and with a centuries old and well established French-Canadian culture. Although just one out of ten provinces and three territories, any Quebec provincial election has always attracted a disproportionate amount of »

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Whale entanglements, some good news, and some possible good news

After the shock of finding several dead endangered North Atlantic right whales this summer, some possible good news. Some 13 endangered North Atlantic right whales have been found dead this summer, ten in the Gulf of St Lawrence, suspected to »

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Backlash from ? cancels “No Fascist-free speech” comedy night

It was to be a comedy night destined to make light of current confrontations over the right of free speech.   Proceeds from the event were to go to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. It didn’t work out that way. Organizer »