Fined for not giving up phone password at border

Canadian Alain Philippon was fined $500 for refusing to give border guards at an eastern Canadian airport the password to his cellphone. Philippon originally said he would fight the charge of hindering or obstructing border officials. But today his lawyer» 

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Dam threatens indigenous culture: Amnesty International

Amnesty International Canada has launched a worldwide campaign to stop construction of a massive hydroelectric dam in western Canada. It says the dam violates Canada’s commitments to uphold the human rights of indigenous peoples. “This is a dam that would» 

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Give migrant workers services, residency: report

A Canada-wide study shows that migrant workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation and concludes they should have access to the same services as immigrants and be granted permanent residency. The report called “Migrant Workers: Precarious and Unsupported” was released» 


Police officer ‘abused his power’ in seizing phone

A police officer abused his authority when he seized and searched the cellphone of a driver he had pulled over, ruled a police ethics committee in the province of Quebec on Feb. 22, 2013.  It is illegal in Quebec to» 


Judge reaffirms right to protest in the street

A judge has ruled that police cannot use an article in a highway safety code in the province of Quebec to stop protests because that would violate citizens’ rights under the constitution. The ruling acquits a protester who was fined» 

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Supreme Court case on Metis, non-status Indian rights

Could cost billions of dollars The Supreme Court of Canada will be hearing a major case when it begins it’s fall session in October. The suit began in 1999 on behalf of some 300-500 thousand Metis and non-status “Indians” in» 


Police official guilty of misconduct in G20 demo

A retired judge has found that Toronto police Supt. David (Mark) Fenton “demonstrated a lack of understanding of the right to protest” when he ordered mass arrests during the G20 Summit in June 2010. A disciplinary hearing under the Police» 

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Government determined to pass anti-terrorism bill despite opposition criticism

Canada’s opposition parties continue to question the advisability of a proposed new bill to fight terrorism, suggesting Canadians are being asked to choose between security and their rights. The ruling Conservative government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper insists Bill C-51,» 

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Caring about the climate is not a crime in Canada, yet, writes researcher

After reading a federal RCMP police assessment of the “anti-petroleum” movement as a growing threat to Canada’s security, Greenpeace climate policy researcher Keith Stewart at first laughed. But as he read the 40-page document, he became concerned. His concern was» 

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Government’s First Nations matrimonial rights legislation part of bigger plans

The Canadian government’s legislation to protect the matrimonial rights of First Nation indigenous women on reserves is part of a bigger attempt to encroach on traditional land and natural resource rights, according to indigenous governance professor Dr Pamela Palmater. Professor»