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Parents pampering children at ‘alarming rates,’ says counsellor

The recent scandal about parents in the U.S. paying bribes to get their children into elite colleges has raised the issue of ‘snowplow parenting.’ Also called pampering, this refers to parents who will go to great lengths to remove obstacles, »

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Domestic homicide is predictable, preventable: report

A new report found that 476 people died in Canada between 2010 and 2015 as a result of domestic violence. Most of the victims were women, but so were men and children. Of the perpetrators, 86 per cent were men »

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Halloween: reducing risks for children

October 31 is the day many children go door to door collecting candy and other treats but, at the same time, they increase their risk of having a traffic accident. The sun sets just before 6pm in most big Canadian »

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Loneliness is a ‘significant issue’ in Canada, says doctor

Dr. Robin Lennox says a quarter or more of Canadians report persistent loneliness and there are health risks associated with that. © Robin Lennox “More and more community surveys are finding anywhere between 25 and 30 per cent of Canadians across »

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Marijuana warning issued by New Brunswick doctors

“The legalization of marijuana doesn’t make it safe,” reads a statement by the New Brunswick Medical Society. As the representative of that province’s 1,600 doctors, the organization has launched a public education campaign to highlight the health risks that come »