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Former PM Mulroney’s daughter about to enter political fray

Who says politics isn’t a family business? A son of a former prime minister currently holds Canada’s top political political job. Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, served two terms as the country’s leader–from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 »

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Toronto city council rejects naming stadium for Rob Ford

Rob Ford, who gained world-wide notoriety in 2013 when as mayor of Toronto he became embroiled in a substance scandal and refused to step down, will not have a football stadium named after him–at least for now. Toronto’s city council »


Mourners pay tribute to former Toronto mayor

A long line of mourners queued up at Toronto city hall Monday morning to pay their respects to former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. They filed past a Toronto police honour guard and members of the Ford family, dressed in black, »

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Colourful-controversial Toronto politician Rob Ford dies

Toronto city councillor, mayor, and councillor again, Rob Ford has died at age 46 after losing a battle with cancer. Rob Ford was a big man, literally, figuratively, politically and was equally controversial. A millionaire, he considered himself a politician »

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Rob Ford’s new tumour is malignant

Toronto city councillor and former mayor Rob Ford says he will have to undergo two rounds of chemotherapy to treat a new tumour. Speaking to reporters outside Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital Thursday afternoon, Ford said that doctors told him they »